Saturday, October 1, 2011

UPS - Customs Brokerage

UPS Customs Brokerage Billing the wrong people...

Occasionally people send things to us, new products to check out. Usually they send it and deal with the duties, customs brokerage etc.... but when they don't, the customs brokerage tries to bill us.

Ups has their own profitable wing dealing with customs brokerage, and they bill at about 10x the typical wholesale rate. ie. an entire transport truck can be $100 brokerage fee, but 1 package through UPS is $22.29.

So, UPS delivered a package to me containing 2 deck boards... Samples from a company operating in Toronto.  He asked for payment of the brokerage fees... I told him clearly, that is not my responsibility...take it back and have your customer pay for it.

2 days later the package arrived back at my invoice. I thought it was done.

Wouldn't you know it... I get an invoice...and a collection call.

Now, keep in mind, I did not buy anything, did not ask for it to be imported from the US, and as far as I am concerned they have no business billing me anything...for any reason. I am not a UPS customer. I do not have an account with UPS and wouldn't. Common practice in the industry is that they have one scale out front...the package is re-weighed on a different scales out back and you find a bigger bill when you open your bill than you agreed to when you shipped.

Duties and Customs are not payable on samples or Non Purchases as far as I know.

Well, for the 4th time this year, UPS has billed me for customs on a sample sent by a company near Toronto which for god knows what reason had to be imported from the US. Icing on the cake...the boards were severely damaged when they arrived.

I wasted 15 minutes on the phone with Dwayne  Employee # 3127 at UPS for him to say "I'll see what I can do", and after questioning him about why he can't just do what he should do and bill it back to "His" customer, he said that I should call the customer for him. I told him that was not my job and intimated that he should probably do his job.

I am so Running out of patience with these guys--whoever is initiating this policy for UPS, they need to look for a different career. Any good will I had towards UPS is quickly disappearing.

UPS collections can be reached at 866 836 4875... ask for Dwayne.

He said that I should have their customer call 800 263 8125 to get that charge reversed.

Shortly thereafter I received another call. She said that they had written that charge off. Said that they could not reverse the invoice...but I wouldn't be charged this fee wrongly. Now, I am not sure what that means, however if I do receive another bill I will let you know.

To add insult to injury, the boards were bubble wrapped and UPS damaged them by throwing them back in the truck when I told them I wasn't responsible to pay them anything.

Attention UPS:


Doesn't this whole practice sound like those guys that started a company to send out fictional bills to every company in North America...Remember they made millions? Maybe the management at UPS came from that group...they would be out of jail now!