Saturday, January 29, 2011

GreenWashing of Whirlpool

Whirlpool corporation has begun the process of greenwashing it's reputation.

The green choice is simply the most efficient choice--not the cheapest. When it comes to the most efficient, responsible and kindest appliances for preservation of the planet--appliances that last a year or two is the least green alternative.

DO NOT BUY WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES... read through this blog for evidence regarding the poor design and build quality of Whirlpool Appliances and their abstinent attitude towards their customers.

The green choice is simply the most efficient choice--not the cheapest.When you design something that needs to be replaced in a year or two I would call it irresponsible and fraudulant--not green.

Buy LG... Samsung... anything not designed and built by Whirlpool.

Do not buy their deceptive marketing. Look closely at the hardware... and compare it to LG and Samsung... and look at the warranty. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yellow Pages Group... Evil Corporation?

Yellow Pages Group Canada, Internet listings and Adwords Marketing Program.

Not inherently, they have shown some flexibility of late by negotiating prices. However in their struggle for survival they are committing some sins against their customers.

These web pages-paid managed marketing through adwords start at $250/month so you would expect performance--however it just doesn't.

I called them to hear the spiel first hand. I have had my own website for about 15 years so I am up on the jargon. The salesman on the other end builds websites, so when I asked him for clarification of what he was saying he gracefully elaborated in the proper terms.

They are told to refer to "clicks" as "Leads"--they are not. A click is a visit to your website. Half those clicks leave immediately... and I bet when they see the site that yellow pages built... even more leave immediately.

They said to expect 100 "Qualified Leads" a month for your $250.00. Again... Deceptive. They mean 100 visits to the template web page that they create. Of which 50 or 75 will leave... and you may or may not get any calls at all.

They seem to prey on the people that don't know better. When you have a good website you might get a couple of calls per 100 hundred visits... A bad site, (see the photo in this article), may only see a lead for every 1000 visits.

Due to the decline of their print media--they have embarked into the on-line world. They are fighting hard, however like most directories they are having issues with traffic.  They claim 11 million potential customers a year in Canada. You don't have to try very hard to dispel that myth.

If you go to Alexa and search for you will get very interesting stats that don't jive with what they claim.

Common sense dictates that there is roughly 30 million people in Canada. Half of those people may be a potential customer. That's 15 million potential. Go and ask 15 friends.. if you were going to hire a service business, how would you go about finding the company.

More info on Yellow Pages Websites
I would bet 12 of the 15 would say Google if they couldn't find someone from word of mouth. I would bet only 1 would suggest the phone book, since the other 14 don't know where their phone book is is. I would also bet that that person is likely over 60 and not likely to be shopping for much.

By my best estimation Yellow Pages .ca gets about 90,000 unique visits a month. Of those visits roughly half are from customers searching for their listings to make sure they are correct or to figure out why they aren't getting any calls. 20% will be web searches from other countries that are coming up for certain keywords and 30% is likely actual potential customers... Close to Retirement and female, without secondary education. (their demographic from Alexa)

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