Friday, March 5, 2010

Friends don't let friends buy Whirlpool Appliances

Inherently evil corporation or just an idiot corporation? We don't know.

Whirlpool is one of the largest appliance makers worldwide. They have swallowed up Maytag and many others so you need to be cautious. Look carefully at the flimsy hardware and latch catches, the brittle plastic parts. Keep in mind that these appliances are some of the most competitively priced in the market. Every component is made from Low Bid Suppliers... as cheap as they can do it.

It is not made to last, it is made to be cheap. They make their money by supplying appliances every 3 or so years.

We spent $2000 on a Whirlpool Duet Sport washer and dryer... and took it to the dump after paying a service rep from Sears for his opinion. His $128.00 opinion was neither appliance was worth fixing after 2 years.

Computer controls... both washer and dryer were malfunctioning. Vibration and moisture had caused them to short circuit.

The bearings on both the washer and dryer, one had failed and the other was about to.

The fins had fallen off the dryer.

The door closing hardware had broken on the washer, and we were using a piece of wood to hold the door closed.

The motor would suck change in and cause an error every month or so, and when that happens you had to fish it out and drain it manually.

I called Whirlpool and asked if anything could be done... whether they were all lemons or something. They said I was out of warranty and out of luck. I would have to buy another washer and dryer. No discounts, no credit towards another one... no respect whatsoever.
I did consider dumping them off at Whirlpool head office in Mississauga, however that may end up being more trouble than it was worth.

Check the web before you buy... there are many thousands of disgruntled customers out there.

I left them out front for 2 weeks before the sight of them sitting there just made me insane. In my neighborhood anything left within sight of the road that looks to be valuable is gone in minutes. I've seen broken chainsaws go in 15 minutes, an arbor in the middle of my front yard was gone in 4 hours. (I didn't even get a picture).

2 modern looking whirlpool duet appliances... Nobody wanted them. After a few days I put a price on them... even that didn't attract someone to take them.

To be candid, paying to get rid of these was the single greatest insult to my intelligence.

It cost me $15 to dispose of these... so yes, I did take a few whacks as I dropped them off the back of the truck.

We sent a letter to whirlpool addressed to the president that made us feel a little better... no response.

We also sent a complaint by Email... no response, but now we get spam emails that look like this.
This week we were offered an extended warranty on our whirlpool duet by mail...only $500 and something dollars--only a year after they went to the dump.

Do NOT let your friends or family buy any whirlpool appliances ever. It could be an incredible waste of money.


SearsCare said...


We are sorry to hear about the problems that you recently experienced with your Whirl Pool products that you had the repair technician out to look at. We can only imagine the frustration this has caused you and we would like the opportunity to assist you. My name is Shayne and I work for the Sears Cares Escalations Team and we are here for assistance. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can further discuss your concerns. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the washer and dryer blower was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (LAWRENCE WINTERBURN) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Shayne W.
Senior Case Manager
Sears Cares

Anonymous said...

Oh Lawrence I am so sorry for you guys,I still remember the day you proudly presented Amanda with the new appliances she dreamed of for so long.
I know you guys were cash strapped at the time but you did say that they were a worthwhile investment that you expexted to last for years.
well last time I buy at Sears!

Lawrence Winterburn said...

We actually didn't buy the Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer from Sears. It was a Sears Repair guy that took $130.00 for inspecting the washer and dryer and told us that they were not worthy of repairing. Told us to throw them out.

Of course, we bought the new units from Sears. Sort of a conflict of interest for someone trying to sell appliances to be servicing them as well.

If we had bought them from Sears in the first place, would the Sears Repair guy have repaired, replaced them or credited them as lemons?

Got to wonder.

Dave Lawless said...

Not purchasing an extended warranty was the gamble you took...if these manufactures could produce 100% perfect product off the assembly line there wouldn't be any such thing as an appliance service technician.

Ya it sucks…but in my experience as an appliance salesman, Whirlpool is above and beyond the competition when it comes to quality. Yes, at my store we see customers like you every once and awhile but we see far more disgruntled customers who have bought GE and LG products.

Just think, for every one of you…Whirlpool gains 3 new customers who are upset with GE/LG and the like.

Hopefully life doesn’t send you any more lemons….but remember you can always make lemonade!

Anonymous said...
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Lawrence Winterburn said...

Dave Lawless-- Guess what?

The issue is with Whirlpool's numerous DESIGN FLAWS. Low bid garbage that should be stood up against class action suits daily for their disreputable treatment of people worldwide.

I took a gamble not buying an extended warranty? Shove your extended warranty where the sun doesn't shine. Even that won't help you with a whirlpool appliance.

They are designed to last a year MAX...

The LG I bought is now 2 years old and not a single service call. I had 5 calls on the Whirlpool washer and dryer in the first year.

The LG has a rubber encased brain that takes vibration and moisture out of the picture. It has a motor capable of doing the job intended and the motor doesn't suck change through the misdesigned filter.

If you sell Whirlpool appliances I have no respect for you as a human.

How do you sleep at night?

You after knowing this should refrain from deceiving people into thinking that anything made by whirlpool is up to standard expectations.

Shut me up please!

I will not cease warning people away from Whirlpool until they refund the money it cost me to buy them in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Hi I have a adp5550 dishwasher which I purchased in january 2005 fitted it to my new house in may 2005 the main pump failed in may 2006.
Whirlpool wouldn't give me any warranty and it sat in my garage until recently when I looked at it my self and got it running.
It has failed again after 4 weeks and I am going to buy a new pump for $240AU which is supposed to be a much better pump unlike the rubbish pump which was fitted from new.

Anonymous said...

We bought a Whirlpool super capacity dryer about four years ago (Model GEQ9800PW2) and recently it wouldn't run. We called Whirlpool and they sent someone from "Diamond Factory Service" to our house today. The repairman said that the motor is blown and that it would be a good idea to just get a new dryer. Yeah, especially since we paid him $85 and to fix the motor would be $352.66!!! He also called the appliance "old". Yeah, I guess in "Whirlpool-land" four years old is flippin' ANCIENT. Good luck avoiding these cheap China machines. Whirlpool owns Roper, Maytag, Kenmore and of course Whirlpool now. Whirlpool used to be a good name. Not anymore.

Anonymous said...

I renewed my kitchen about five years ago and bought all new Whirlpool appliances.
The fridge door has never properly shut despite levelling the fridge many times.
After one year the self cleaning function on the oven failed and finally after three years the combi oven/microwave failed.

I'll never buy Whirlpool again.

Marianne said...

Come join or Like our FB page
I have a defective whirlpool appliance
There is power in numbers!

Anonymous said...

Our Whirlpool Duet washing machine is less than 5 years old and needs approximately $1300 in repairs (parts $800, labor $500). The bearings, basket and tub all need to be replaced. We contacted Whirlpool who said the machine is no longer under warranty so they can't help and since this is a "man-made machine" some will occasionally have problems. No offer of replacement parts, a discount on replacement parts or even a discount on a new machine. I will never purchase a Whirlpool product again. Our next washing machine will probably be LG.

Anonymous said...

I have a Cabrio Whirlpool washer and dryer. I purchased in Dec. 2010. It is supposed to be energy efficient, water efficient. I'd rather pay to have more water in my machine. Totally dissatisfied with this machine. It doesn't clean! I don't overload, I make sure all is lightly put into the tub, but if I watch a cycle, you will see how it is impossible for the machine to fully clean an item. After being on for 10 minutes, I went into the tub to readjust the contents. One top was not even wet. I have found that black pants or dark colours are marked after a full cyle of cleaning, therefore I must wash them again. How many items can be put in there to get them really clean, in my opinion only a few. I don't think your sheets even get a whisper of soap and water. No, I don 't recommend this machine to any new buyer. I'm almost attracted to an old fashioned type of machine that really cleans your clothes. As for lasting a long time, no machines now made in China or Korea are ever going to last. However would they make money? We never needed "extended warranties" before. They are a money grabber, and the reason for them being pushed on you is this. They know the machine is crap! Whatever is this world coming to? We work hard for our money, but it ends up in the "dump".

Anonymous said...

Dear Lawrence: Do tell. Where did you purchase these appliances if not at Sear's the first time? Really, in your business if people are unsatisfied, do you not make sure they will be in the end? Customer Care has gone by the wayside. Once you purchase something, it's yours and problems arising are yours too. Very sad in this day and age that our opinions are ignored by the manufacturers and when you have a problem, it's your problem til you die! I feel for you. Really a tragic story. Apparently this manufacturer doesn't give a rats ass about the many unsatisfied consumers they have. It's only going to get worse. Good Luck in future.

Lawrence Winterburn said...

Bad Boy Furniture and Electronics in Barrie... but the unit was the same price at Sears at the time.

When Whirlpool insulted me by offering to pay the tipping fee to dispose of the less than 2 year old washer and dryer I created this blog.

They shouldn't get away with it. There are millions of unsatisfied customers out there--numbers are adding up against Whirlpool's future success.


susan radford said...

I typed a looong diatribe on Whirlpool's service facebook page so here I will just summarize. I am up to 13 service "encounters" with Whirlpool about my defective Duet washer. I had a Magtag Neptune stacked washer and dryer for 11 years without a service call and was furious when it died...silly me! Over a dozen service calls on an appliance I bought a little over a year ago..will NEVER buy from this company(and the ones they own)ever again!

Anonymous said...

I too purchased the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer. The washer has had at least five repairs and the latest technician says it will cost too much to repair. Tub is gone due to bearings and gaskets. We purchased the products from Conn's and securing service/satisfaction with them has been a nightmare. I did purchase the extended warranty.(Lot's of good that did.)
Helps to communicate with others who have experienced the same poor American "satisfaction after the sale" that this country was built on.

Anonymous said...

I live alone and only need a small fridge and Whirlpool seemed to be the only copany making them. The first one I bought was discounted and when I asked if there was anything wrong the answer was negative, of course - silly me! I bought it and it turned out that it froze everything - especially vegetables. Many service calls and the problem persisted for two/three years and then I was told it needed regassing and I couldnt afford to buy another fridge. I was offered one by a member of the family. It was aother Whirlpool a later model with impossible brittle plastic shelving now almost all craqcked or missing plus it still freezes the vegetables. Beggats cant be choosers so I have learned to work around it but my next fridge wont be a Whirlpool!g

Anonymous said...

Frustration is not enough
I bought a front load washing machine few months ago, it is the first and LAST item that I purchase from them. The machine was sold to me as a 7.5 kg capacity, for a busy family of 5 I need something descent big to cope with the washing load. Just to my regret that I was mislead. The capacity for normal, quick wash it is only 3 Kilos, so if I was a pair of jeans and 3 T-Shirts some of them won't get even wet. To wash this amount of Clothes (above) I have to have a cycle of 2hr and 20 Min. Now just imagine the frustration of spending the whole day from 6am to 5pm to have the washing done for the family. What would take me 2 or 3 loads on the conventional HOOVER to do it.


Kenmore/Kitchenaid dishwasher.

Tub cracked and water damages floor.

Reported July 2011.

November 17th,2011--still waiting for replacement.

Whirlpool sucks.

Anonymous said...

whirlpool duet washer and dryer don't buy. nothing but trouble! and you can't get any help.

Anonymous said...

I have had the EXACT same experience with Whirlpool Dryer. Purchased 2 years ago from Lowe's. Paid $600.00. Was loud from beginning, but has increased roar in last 3 months. Repair service man charged $99.00 to tell me the "dryer drum is mishapen" and believes it is a factory flaw. Contacted Whirlpool, went through several customer service reps. who have all been trained to say: "we are so sorry for your problem", then too bad for you!! If you did not buy the extended warranty you are OUT OF LUCK.
NO willingness to send factory rep out to examinine flawed product....NOTHING!!
I suggest Whirlpool has now fallen in the same categories as other low-level and poorly made products.
Customer service is a JOKE. No service, nor customer concerns AT ALL. I wonder if the extended warranty folks and Whirlpool have an agreement.

Greg Swain said...

I have a side-by-side Whirlpool fridge/freezer model ED5FHEXTS00 with ice/water dispenser. The pivot rod controlling the flapper door on the ice dispenser broke its plastic retainer so the flapper fell off. I thought "no problem, should cost maybe $20.00 to get the part and install it." bwhahaha. The part is cast into the housing for the entire dispenser and isn't offered as a replacement part. The fix for this seemingly innocuous repair? $1100.00 for the entire freezer door. Friends don't let friends buy Whirlpool. Purchased at Trail Appliances, South, Edmonton.

Tammy Nelson said...

I'm having problems with my washer too. I want my money back from Whirlpool...NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope Whirlpool goes bankrupt

Anonymous said...

Dynomite! That's what is going in our $1250 Maytag top of the line dishwasher, that is 7 years old. Every plastic component has been replaced, at least once due to breakage. Cutlery baskets have been replaced 3 times as Maytag makes the bottoms out of disintegrating plastic, absolute evil genius! Now the runner wheels for the middle rack are busted, plastic stops on the shelf arms busted, plastic tine holders broken, ...

Absolute garbage, and yes will be fixed with dynomite.... and perhaps a sledgehammer first!

Lawrence Winterburn said...

We ended up buying a Bosch issues or repairs in 4 years so far.

Anonymous said...

People, the only way to teach them a lesson is to STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS and spread your story through the internet. We stopped buying anything Sears owns years ago and have been very happy.

Eventually they will have a choice - improve their products or go out of business. It's the age old method of "word of mouth".

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear that Whirlpool bought Kenmore - we bought a Kenmore 90 Series washer and a Kenmore gas dryer 15 years ago - folks, we abuse these two appliances and they have not broken down ONCE!! They have been awesome appliances.

Perhaps the issue is the newest appliances have just too many features - so to bear with the pricing, the quality goes out the window on basic things such as door hinges etc. I tell you, we bought these two products at Sears and cannot be happier.

I am thinking of buying a Whirlpool range - any suggestions out there?

Anonymous said...

Dito on the cheap plastic parts, our $1,695.00 side by side fridge is only 15 months old, the plastic drawers are breaking and the wheels that the drawers roll on are falling off. Cheap piece of crap!!! Bought at Lowes in Palmdale, CA

TKC said...

I had a washer dryer set made by whirlpool. The washer lasted me over 10 years before the water level sensor went out. The dryer is still going strong. I just bought a new range from whirlpool as well and couldn't be happier with it. Just like with everything there will be good and bad experiences. I am sorry you happened to have one of the bad ones.

Anonymous said...

We've owned the front loaders and they lasted less than 2 years and had multiple service calls on both units. Sold them for a loss and purchased the old school front loaders like we had when I was a kid. These were Whirlpool cabrio units and the dryer has lasted less than 2 years. I will never purchase Whirlpool again! Does anyone have a recommendation on a decent product?

Lawrence Winterburn said...

LG... nearly 4 years old, no service calls and the hatches have never been opened. LG makes proper machines.

Anonymous said...

Bought a new Whirlpool Fridge/freezer. it is less than 2 years old and today had a service man out for the 3rd time. the first service was performed when the unit was 2 weeks old. Glad I bought the extended warranty. The warranty people say the same part has to break 4 times in one year, i'm on 2 times in a month and a half. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the piece of crap breaks 2 more times in the next 10 months.

Anonymous said...

Never....ever again will I buy Whirlpool! Machines and Customer Service suck!

Suz said...

As far as washers & dryers are concerned the only brand I've read where the consumers were perfectly happy are Speed Queens, folks have nothing but praise for them & refer to them as real workhorses. They like the fact the machines come with a 3 yr bumper to bumper warranty plus additional warranties. Check the online reviews for yourself. People absolutely HATE LG & Whirlpool is a runner up, they claim all their products are junk. Any other appliances it seems the best you can do is buy a extended warranty & avoid computerized items which is a guaranteed fail within a couple of years. Stick to the basics, if you lose at least it won't be a huge monetary fail. What else can we do, where else can we turn?

Lawrence Winterburn said...

We are going on 4 years with the LG front load washer and dryer pair. 4 kids, 2 loads a day typically, no service calls, no mold smell... nothing. No complaints. These things work flawlessly day after day.

There seem to be plenty of complaints if you look for them, but in these days of ratings driven sales, creation of negative postings and complaints may just be part of doing business.

I'll never buy another whirlpool anything....

But I am impressed with the LG pair.


Anonymous said...

Speedqueen is made in Wisconsin and are used in laundromats so they are well built. Stabler's are also very old school and solid.

We bought a Maytag Neptune in 1998 and it lasted a few years... nice quiet cleaning... but we dumped it after the electronics failed... replaced it with a whirlpool top loader from costco and although noisy... still works ok.

I like the idea of an engineer actually coneptualizing a tub, or other, failure and moisture shorting out or simply causing corrosion and resistance which can screw up the computers.

Good luck everyone.

Anonymous said...

I have a Whirlpool Fridge purchased new from Lowes last year in April and the thing began to leak water on March, nothing serious but it kept on getting worse. I called in a repair guy from Whirlpool's web and they hit me with a $200 repair bill. Imagine they literally hit me and did not take care of me when I complained.

Being upset I called their pathetic and rude customer support and they said my fridge warranty expired and they will not honor it.

Yes engineered to last 1 lousy year while I have a Samsung fridge working for 5 years and not one service call. Oh I told them explicitly that I will NEVER, EVER buy a Whirlpool product nor would I recommend any Whirlpool, Maytag and other appliances they own in another name brand to anyone, not even to a dog!

The next time this fridge breaks Mr. Lawrence Winterburn, let join you by tossing my worthless Whirlpool pile of dung into the scrap heap!

DO NOT PURCHASE WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER!! Worthless pile of junk! There are far better manufacturers out there that make superior products and have customer service that takes care of customers.

Anonymous said...

We have a clothes washer, dryer and dishwasher made by Whirlpool. I have had to repair all three in the last three months. We have had the appliances for just over two years!! I am extremely disappointed in the quality of these products. Our previous appliances lasted over 12 years without a problem. At the price of these units there should be a class action law suit to address the numerous complaints. This stuff is just junk! What ver happened to customers support and American brand quality. Planned obsolescence is the only answer to this situation. They should be ashamed!!!

Anonymous said...

We bought a Whirlpool Gold Fridge 3 door French and it was delivered but the compressor did not work. Whirlpool said it would take another 3 weeks to get a new one delivered. They did manage to get one up here in Edmonton Alberta in 2 weeks but the shipping company can't seem to make delivery they have missed their promised delivery date twice now. Whirlpool said too bad it is yours and we will not take it back.
Buy from The Brick at least they stand by their products un like Whirlpool themselves.

Anonymous said...

We have a Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer as well and they are absolute garbage, only 1.5 years old and never had so many problems. We bought a new house and moving in 6 weeks, can not wait. 6 months ago, we had draining problems and found out the pump housing was clogged and it was a pain in the ass to fix since our washer and dryer are stacked. Just recently, now there is burnt rubber in the washer. not sure where it came from but it will be 3 weeks to get a repair guy out to fix it. I know now from my experience to stay far away from whirlpool. The next LG washer and dryer we are buying has over 300 reviews with average 4.6/5 stars.... I am sure we wont have any issues.

Anonymous said...

I hear what you mean. Well, I think that you're already lucky that the machine was only malfunctioning. My Whirlpool dehumidifier was on fire and almost killed our whole family. We got our dehumidifier ~5 years ago. And, it was on fire in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. Lucky i smelled smoke while sleeping and we are still alive. In conclusion, I will never buy another Whirlpool in my life and told all my friends/family to avoid Whirlpool like a plague.

Anonymous said...

Getting whirlpool's authorized repair guy out to look at our piece of garbage range is like pulling teeth. You miss one phone call (like some of us have jobs where we can't answer our phone 24/7) and it's going to be another 2 freaking weeks before they get to you. We haven't had an oven since July 4th weekend, and the warranty expires October 13th. Will NEVER buy PooWhirl again.

Anonymous said...

We purchased a Whirlpool Washer Dryer Duet in 2012 and it has been a massive fail and giant headache for two years. Six months in the washer started making ungodly racket during a wash cycle. The fins had fallen out, water leaked all over. They sent us a new machine which did the exact same thing - six months in, the fins fell out with water leakage everywhere. This time, they sent us new fins and we put them in. Six months later, fin failure again. Every six months, this happens. Every repair involves long haggling phone calls to get a service guy to come out. Somebody has to take off work to be here when the service guy comes. There's water all over that we have to clean up, damaged clothes, and schlepping our clothes to the laundromat during all this. Just now the washer is down with fin fail AND cracked tub - the entire tub plus fins will have to be replaced. DO NOT BUY WHIRLPOOL!!!
Their appliances are trash, their customer service sucks and they are only interested in taking your money. Once you make a purchase and are stuck with your shoddy appliance, too bad for you, they will give you minimal help at best. DO NOT BUY WHIRLPOOL!!!

Grace K said...

Why am I not surprised by this stupid American company?
I purchased a brand new fridge in June this year and for the last 5 months I have had about 20 different technician visits by five different technicians who changed almost everything you could possibly imagine- evaporator, control, sensor, compressor, display, etc etc..
and the company still refused to take any responsibilities. They kept telling me that more inspection was needed EVEN AFTER all the technicians said there was NOTHING THEY COULD DO.
After having to yell at them for about an hour, they finally realized they had to issue me a new fridge. What a piece of crap they are. Even then when I called back about the exchange, they pretended they could not find my file. WTF??? They really tried EVERYTHING they could not to issue an exchange. Wow. What an incredible company and its customer service.
I will never, ever buy another American product, nothing complicated with computerized parts anyway. They are NOT capable of producing such complex machines. They should stick with toasters or juicers. lol. stupid Americans.
LG and Samsung all the way baby!!!
F*** you Whirlpool.

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Anonymous said...

I am also a victim of Whirlpool. Ai have a $1,600 stainless KitchenAid brand (which is Whirlpool) refridgerator that has died twice in the last 6 years. I'm now looking at a repair bill almost the cost of the fridge itself. After reading all these stories I'm convinced these things are made to be replaced after 5 years max. These corporations are banking on a society of buy-and-replace rather than build to last.

Anonymous said...

Fu*k you Whirlpool.

Anonymous said...

I would not recommend Whirlpool. We rent a brand new house and all of the appliances in it are from Whirlpool. The microwave (just over a year old) already stopped working, the dishwasher is way too small and the washing machine drains if you don't fill it fast enough. The funny part is that this is supposed to be an Energy Saver machine but it is wasting water! Not recommended at all. Stick to GE.

simon6071 said...

I bought a Whirlpool washer many years ago. First of all, the washing power of the whirlpool washer was much weaker than my previous washer. Sometimes there was detergent powder residue at the end of the wash when there was a full load of laundry. It never happened in my previous washer of another brand. Second, I found out too late that the top loading washer would keep on turning when the lid was open. Then I found out that none of their models would stop washing when the lid was open. I consider that to be unsafe to little children. The last straw was it malfunctioned in just a few months when it failed to stop the water intake automatically when the tank was full. It flooded the corridor and my bed room carpet. Luckily, I was at home and discovered the flooding in time. If I wasn't home, my expensive laminate flooring in the sitting room would have been damaged by flooding and had to be replaced. I called Whirlpool to complain but I declined suggestion for repair because I did't want flooding caused by the washer to happen again.
I bought a Kenmore washer and let the delivery men have the almost new Whirlpool washer. I'm very satisfied with the Kenmore washer.

"Friends don't let friends buy Whirlpool Appliances"
I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

We received a whirlpool dishwasher and fridge as a gift.

The first gift (dishwasher) had a slight cut on the water supply hose within the machine. After about two days of running, the puddle underneath grew noticeable as every wooden floorboard within three feet cupped. Our kitchen floor was completely ruined.

The second gift (fridge) seemed fine. We went on vacation and heard a sprinkler sound in the kitchen when we got back. After shutting off the water to the house and finding the basement below in a foot of water, I traced the leak to the fridge's water filter. It... Well, I don't exactly know. Got tired of filtering and decided to start spewing water. Kitchen floor: ruined again. Basement status: questionable. Mold issues in the future because of the water damage? Possibly.

Friends don't let friends buy whirlpool, nor do they give them to friend's as gifts.

Janet said...

I purchased a whirlpool stove 1 yr 4 mos ago. Oven temperature has gone out of control. When oven temp set at 350 can cook a chicken breast completely thru in 5 mins and burn to a crisp. Oven then turns off before igniting on fire. It can preheat to over 400f Inabout a minute. Called whirlpool and they said too bad it's out of warranty. whirlpool authorized repair person has told me it's a fire hazard and unuseable until control panel and clock is replaced. (Expensive). Complaint is now with whirlpools safety dept and was told would get a call back within 24 hrs from whirlpool on what they will do. It's Friday nite - what are the chances I'll get a call back within 24 hrs -- ha ! Good thing it's finally warm enough to use bbq. Will be without a stove until I get answer from whirlpool. Will NEVER buy whirlpool again. My 1.5 yr old whirlpool friddge leaks water on on the floor unless, I chop out the ice out of the bottom freezer drawer every 2 days.

Anonymous said...

I bought have bought two Whirlpool washers that went out within 20 months. Both garbage as I was told it would cost as much to fix as a new washer. Bought a refrigerator and the parts are made so cheap that the clip on my ice dispenser housing broke. Made of cheap plastic. Apparently this happens a lot because there is a repair kit for this for 100.00 but not the housing part. I will never buy another Whirlpool product again. Sear repair department is a rip off too. The guy told me the bill was over 100.00 one time to tell me nothing was wrong with my under warranty washer. He said the concern I was having was how it was supposed to be. IT WAS UNDER WARRANTY but because he didn't find a problem there was supposedly a charge. I called Sears repair and they verified that if there was not a problem the service call was over 100.00. I can't remember the exact amount as it was a few years ago. I will never buy another WHIRLPOOL product again. NONE.

Anonymous said...

Whirlpool is Crap. I would never go the distance to write something about a product unless it was really that bad, I mean really bad. So lets talk about all of my Whirlpool appliances shall we. First there is the washing machine (when it decides to on its own accord it rinses and washes on HOT), not good for cotton clothes and I thought i was gaining weight when all that was happening is my shirts were getting smaller.
The Fridge, Control board had to be replaced $350.

The dishwasher, quiet 2 , has never drained completely. Water full at the bottom after each wash, And yes i have cleaned it and still the same. Now here is the icing on the cake.

My whirlpool easy bake Stove, The 7, 6, 5, 0 button are not working now. So of all my 4 appliances everyone is not working correctly except for the fridge I fixed. So there is something wrong here in a big way

Anonymous said...

I bought a Nutid Convection oven from Ikea . It was manufactured by Whirlpool.
Ikea gives you a 5 year warranty which is supposed to be honoured by Whirlpool.
First time the oven was cleaned two fusible links failed.
Whirlpool wanted to send a tech that was in Whistler to do the repair.
The tech would not be able to make it for a week, and it would take him 3 hour drive plus a hour ferry ride to get there.
That would be each way or in other words an 8 hour travel time.
I used a local tech who used the correct Whirlpool parts to do the repair.Two parts needed replacing.
So I paid the repair and asked to be reimbursed, it was only $150.00 labour and $78.00 in parts.
Whirlpool refused saying that he was not an authorized tech.
Ikea would not help either as they believe once you buy an appliance from they they are not responsible, so you have to deal with Whirlpool.
Even though I was honest and mitigated the costs for Whirlpool, they will do anything to get out of their responsibility to pay for their defected appliances.
I wil never buy a Whirlpool appliance again!

Dave from Sunshine Coast BC Canada

Jennifer said...

I am with you on never buying Whirlpool again. We bought new $3000 Whirlpool 'stainless steel' refrigerator in Dec of 2014. We noticed it rusting by Sept 2015. Stainless Steel shouldn't rust. I googled, and there are tons of complaints. Whirlpool doesn't sell real stainless, it's a cheap knock off and rust is explicitly listed in their warranty as excluded.

I wish I'd known. I'll never ever buy anything Whirlpool again.

Anonymous said...

I also have a couple of bad experiences. Avoid buying whirlpool.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Whirlpool can't and should not be building appliances, they are junk. We bought all whirlpool stuff when we built our house 4 years ago. Washer,dryer,fridge,stove,dishwasher and microwave. All junk. Good for the handyman and parts department. Never again. It was like throwing $10000 into the wind!

Hristo Yanev said...

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madfriday67 said...

Whirlpool can't be worse than Hotpoint, surely..?

Mick Hall said...

I am an oil firing tech in UK and I replaced the programmer in our Whilpool washer
model AWM1201. It was built in Italy 2001 and it has not been faulty till now. The programmer works until it gets to empty & spin prog 1/2. I am quite capable of checking the pressure switch which might be the cause of the programmer stopping.
I telephoned Whirlpool UK this morning but was met with total ignorance when I asked
could rthey advise where I can obtain a service sheet for the unusual 4 terminal pressure switch. Customer service fobbed me off & said spares may know. the guy said he did not know and only dealt with chargeable spares. I asked him are you telling me that you do not know where within your company an engineer can get data on spares you supply ? no he said.. I told him thanks for nothing & did he not realise that no one will buy from a company that operate a secret service & that most folks will buy Samsung that has a 5 year guarantee on most things they make.....
I have fitted dozens of Whirlpool auto ice machines in the UK pubs when our washer was made so my conclusion is that the old company is no more and to go with it is the reliability and the good will that in our case spanned 40 years because we have always stuck with Philips/Whirlpool. I will never buy anything Whirlpool ever again but will buy the Samsung 5 year guaranteed stuff ---- Why Not ?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe all of these reviews on other sites, like Lowes, Home depot, and Best Buy, wherein Whirlpool gets excellent ratings. I then observed that almost every reviewer has only had their new refrige about 3 months. We have a Whirlpool side by side with a bottom freezer. We needed a new ice maker within one year. Then, other issues began which are too numerous to list. As of last week, the inside of the refrigerator no longer cools and is 60 degrees. It took a week for whirlpool to send out a technician. They have no emergency service nor do they have any of the techs from the company (subcontractors) that work on weekends. Anyway, the tech that came out stated we needed a new part which he had to order. It will take another week for him to come back out because he stated they are "overwhelmed" with repairs on the Whirlpool brand of refrigerators. Thank God we bought the extended warranty policy for five years. We paid $188.00 for it. The refrige is only two years old. Whirlpool has already paid for repairs in excess of $1,500.00 This refrigerator is by far the WORST we have ever owned. Whirlpool has treated us very poorly and had no interest in helping us except to say "You'll have to wait like everyone else' It is obvious that they are only interested in the customer having to pay for a new refrigerator because that means continued reoccurring revenue. Whirlpool can KMA if they think I will buy another product with their name on it.

Unknown said...

After hours of phone calls with whirlpool, I have come to realize they have the worst customer service EVER!! All we need was a sensor replaced on our water heater... They required many hoops to jump through first. Talking to our plumber (twice), pictures, etc. We complied. Went to order after all that was told.. due to safety concerns they would not supply a part but we could buy a new water heater. They even went as far as lying. Every rep had a different story and price. In the end they denied us an $80 part but offered to sell us a new unit. How nice of them. Never again will we buy whirlpool, ever. It is a shame that you are good enough to manufacture in the U.S. but have the worst customer service. That will eventually hurt this company, and it should!!

Revati said...

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Anonymous said...

You have GOT to be kidding!
I bought my Whirlpool refrigerator from Home Depot years ago right before I retired and it has been a mess ever since.
I used to think I had perfected the right technique of getting the bottom freezer drawer open. NOT.
Usually, eventually, I would happen upon what I thought must be correct combination of carefully opening the drawer by holding my mouth in just the right position, bent my knees at just the right angle, positioned my feet far enough back to provide room to open the drawer, and carefully, hopefully, was squared up as straight as I could get in my position in relationship to the drawer, AND THEN began to slowly and firmly begin trying to pull the drawer out as straight as I could.
Then repeat the ritual until finally it would release and open throwing me stumbling backwards.
Well, today, despite ALL THESE YEARS of developing the Whirlpool Bttom Refrigerator Drawer Technique

Disgusted with Whirlpool said...

How do we join! Count ME in!

Anonymous said...

I purchased all new, upper end Whirlpool appliances for our newly built home just 6 months ago, to include a side by side refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser, an over the stove microwave, a smooth cooktop oven/range, a dishwasher, a washing machine and a clothes dryer. We plugged in the new refrigerator, and after 24 hours of letting it sit and get cold, we bought $300.+ of groceries and filled our new refrigerator. We pulled the milk out hours later and it was warm, checked other food items and found them to be warm, too. I placed a thermometer in the refrigerator and it read 55 degrees. In disbelief, I placed a second thermometer in the refrigerator and it, too, read 55 degrees. Being brand new, only hours old, and clearly not working, I called for a replacement refrigerator.

Again, Whirlpool refused to send me a replacement refrigerator for this clearly defective refrigerator we were stuck with. We were told it would be 2-3 weeks before another repairman could come out, and then he would have to order parts after he diagnosed the refrigerator problem, taking another two weeks. We needed a refrigerator, like most people do, so we were forced to take this brand new refrigerator and stick it in the garage, not being able to sell a brand new refrigerator that won't get cold. Angry at Whirlpool for taking our money and leaving us with a refrigerator that never worked, we bought a Samsung refrigerator that we are very happy with - it works! After 2 months, our Whirlpool above the stove microwave has the motor turn on when we close the door, and it takes several opening and closing sequences to get it to shut off. We will be replacing this new microwave when we can afford to.

I will be replacing this inferior Whirlpool smooth cooktop range as soon as I can afford to, as well. Last month, right before Thanksgiving, our new Whirlpool dishwasher started making a really loud motor sound and quit working that day. It would fill water, drain the water and shut off. I once again called Whirlpool, and they were maddenly unhelpful. This time, they told me they would have a repairman call me in 5 working days to schedule an appointment to come and see my non working dishwasher. After 7 days, I called Whirlpool AGAIN, to ask why someone did not call me for an appointment. I was expecting a house full of people for Thanksgiving and I had no working dishwasher. I spent a lot of money buying these crappy Whirlpool appliances and am very frustrated.

This time, Whirlpool told me that they could not find a service person in my area to service the unit. As if I live out in the middle of know-where?! I live 20 minutes from Austin, the state capitol of Texas! A 20 minute drive from the capitol building to my door! Whirlpool told me I could take my 5 month old, broken dishwasher to a repair shop and that the repair shop would need to call Whirlpool before they did any work, and that Whirlpool would only authorize a maximum of $150 to repair my dishwasher. They actually had the nerve to tell me that I would have to pay for the repair, and they would mail me a "gift card" in 6 - 8 weeks to reimburse me up to $150 on my new, broken dishwasher that is under warranty. I was furious!! Some warranty! The broken dishwasher is now sitting next to the broken refrigerator in my garage. I needed a dishwasher before Thanksgiving dinner, so I went and bought a Samsung.

Unknown said...

Google whirlpool copper wire fix

Michelle C. Williams said...

I wish I saw this before. Not only are most whirlpool products defective, their "service" appointments will be a waste of your time and money. I was charged $100 for a 2.5 minute visit to tell me what I already knew and told them - my microwave doesn't heat.

PrabhatSeema CHATURVEDI said...

Yes. Our requirements r considered by this technology but is it meant to international use because varrying warranty period for different countries shows that after sale trouble fry service is doubtful. As a customer appliance is purchased for psychological satisfaction but also physical but Whirlpool is very casual and it's customer care to protect dealers and manufactures. Improve some technology for online or mobile grievance handling system

Harish kumar said...

thanks for the information

Anonymous said...

I've had nothing but problems with anything whirlpool makes. It's a shame they bought up Maytag which used to be a good name. This so called company should go under...and the sooner the better! Beware of all the companies Whirlpool has bought up....check out wikipedia. I am replacing my microwave with a brand I'm hoping has nothing to do with this appliance polluting company!

Anjali Reddy said...

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Robert said...

I own 3 Major Appliances with Whirlpool and are broken now, opps 4 the wading stop spinning, dishwasher stuck in lock mode, replaced circuit board for 2000 dollar frig and stove stop working. Going to replace each one and post on YouTube with sledge hammer after we drop each one from the house 30 feet to driveway. Sears and Home depot sold this disabled Veteran CRAP!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Whirlpool is junk bought all new kitchen appliances and have had issues with 3 of them. Gold series dishwasher runs for 3 and a half hours and dishes are still not clean. Replaced pump twice in less than 2 years. Do not buy this crap. I am looking for a new family brand unfortunately I don’t see any product reviews that are blowing my hair back. What happened to the good old appliances of yesterday that lasted until the color was out of style but the thing still did the job?