Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another call from Whirlpool regarding Whirlpool Duet Complaints

We got a call regarding the whirlpool duet complaints this time from Whirlpool corporation's Executive Offices. This is their customer retention branch--skilled people trained to deal with complaints from irate customers. I don't expect they have the ability to get your defective whirlpool duet washer or dryer fixed--not in this economic reality for this dysfunctional corporation.

So the gist is... When she heard that we threw out the washer and dryer because it wasn't worth fixing after 2 years of service...

She offered to refund us the cost of the disposal fee. ($15.00) I am sure it was a joke.
She also indicated that it is not policy for them to help anyone maligned by their corporation after they dispose of the Defective Whirlpool Washer and Dryer. (paraphrased)

And I assured her I would try to let everyone on the planet know that their product is garbage. I also acknowledged that she must have the worst job in the world. I can't imagine having to defend defective products for a living.

If you would like to speak to Whirlpool's Customer Retention Duet Desk (Whirlpool Corporation Executive Office), here's the number. (they don't publish these contacts).

Kerrie Carr

1 866-640-7146 x 3681

For Whirlpool Duet Customer Complaints

(She doesn't answer the phone--I am sure you can understand that she gets way too many whirlpool duet complaints so leave a message and make sure you tell her where you got the number)
I am going to step up the link campaign today to make these articles rank better. We will track progress.


Lawrence Winterburn said...

You can already Google Kerrie
Carr - Whirlpool
and get this post at #2. There is another
instance on line where she is personally involved in about
Defective Whirlpool Duet Washers and Dryers that are obviously lemons.
complaint sites:

Anonymous said...

Please be aware rhat if you buy a ;ennair, kenmore, kitchenaid, maytag, ect. You are buying a whirlpool product. I live where the Whirlpool corp. Headquarters is located. They ARE a evil empire feeding off the backs of hardworking people. Not the ones who,s job is in the ad. Building but the ones that put money into this struggling michigan community. Boycott all Whirlpool products and be informed.

Anonymous said...

my experience same as january 2011 anonymous. new ice maker ruined oak floor, technician identified problem, they forced him to retract by threayening his franchise.

Anonymous said...

I found out that KitchenAid is part of Whirlpool, too, when my professional grade mixer quit working after a few uses. Since the one year warranty had run out, they would not refund the $50 repair bill incurred on the $300 appliance. I will never again buy a KitchenAid or Whirlpool product since they don't respect the value of their products or their customers. I just don't trust them any longer.

Anonymous said...

Please come to FB page
I have a defective Whirlpool appliance and join us. There is power in numbers. There is a very successful FB page I have a defective Sony I was one of the first 5 fan of the page after Sony blocked me from their FB fan page. It took time not to much but there are now over 5k fans and we've been very successful in getting compensation. On to Whirlpool

Anonymous said...

My approx. 4.5 year old Whirlpool Duet washing machine needs to be replaced. Or, I can spend approx. $1300 ($800 for parts, $500 for labor) to have it repaired. I contacted Whirlpool and they offered no solution to this problem. I will never buy Whirlpool products again.

Anonymous said...

We bought a Whirlpool Freezer After only three years of use the compressor failed.

reading my warranty Whirlpool only warrants parts and labor for one year.

A replacement compressor is $340 to $360 plus freon and labor to replace. Probably not going ot replace the compressor and will for sure never buy anything that resembles whirlpool

Anonymous said...

I puchased a new dishwasher upon installation I noticed it was slightly damaged. Whirlpool agreed to fix it by removing all the parts off my original tub, not replace it, so I now have $1200 refurbished dishwasher. This company is a bunch of criminals; I will never purchase from them again.

Anonymous said...

Whirpool cutomer experiance reps. What a joke. They will do everything in their power to lose you as a customer. They have succeeded with me. I will switch to Bosch. I wish i could get some of the phone recordings from whirlpools call center. I talked to four reps and one seemed to care, three could care less. Check out Whirool on the

2854 customers in the last 3 years had to escalate their problems to the BBB. In most casses the BBB is a last resort because they have been oushed to this point by the customer experiance center.

To me this is a failure of Whirlpool, thay do not care enough about the consumer or their product to ensure that quality people stand behind it.

Another "take the money and run" company.

If you are thinking of Whirlpool believe what you are reading and search for another manufacturer.
I wish i had.

Leslie Lim said...

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