Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer Review episode 2

So, a year after writing to Whirlpool and considering dumping their garbage whirlpool duet washer and dryer in their corporate headquarters in Mississauga--where technically it belonged, and after I paid to get rid of them at the dump because nobody would take them for free curbside for 2 weeks...
A YEAR AFTER PAYING HARD EARNED MONEY TO DUMP the Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer this comes in the mail. Click to enlarge.

Of all the low down, reprehensible, morally bankrupt ignorant and disrespectful things to do-- they try to sell me an extended warranty after I reported them as a lemon--and they tell me that they can't do anything for me. The first one came 9 months after I disposed of the garbage Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer and they asked for about $500.00.

This time it is down to $170

I guess that when you sell garbage-- and the prices get cut in half in 3 years because word is getting out that their products are less than reliable--you have to recoup the profits by selling extended warranties.

They can't even get my name right.


Anonymous said...

About 18 months ago I purchased a whirlpool fridge.
Within that time it had broken down once and was leaking water inside.
At the second warrant call the local technician wrote it off and by the way he spoke it was a regular occurance.
Being under warranty whirlpool did there level best to make me jump through hooops to try and get a replacement.
After weeks of phone calks durected to foriegn call centres I managed to get store credit at the place of purchase and.
The most appalling service.

Tl said...

I hate Whirlpool. Anyone even considering buying one- prepare for a F*ck around.
Bought a dishwasher brand new, it blew up within 11 months, called for warranty and they told me because the serial number stated it was 14 mths old I needed proof that i purchased it and had it for less than a year. They didn't have the purchase date on record so I had to call the Dealer for an old receipt, they had to dig it up and email it to me- then I had to email it to Whirlpool. After another phone call I was informed that Whirlpool would find me a technician to come and fix my dishwasher- after they were told twice that there were no technicians in the area( remote and 75kms from town) and that the one I told them to call is the one to deal with. Nope had to argue that they would look into it. A couple days later I check my voice mails and guess what- no technicians. So a third phone call, 15 mins on hold I talk to another one- they tell me they couldn't locate a technician and I was to find my own, then tell me they will reimburse me up to 500 dollars in repairs- yet 200 of that would most likely be travel. So I asked why they couldn't just send the guy out that they use in town for repairs and surrounding area? And they tell me they couldn't locate one for my area. I said well Is there not a single repair getting done in Dawson Creek BC? And the lady replies why yes but there's a technician- same technician I spoke to prior to that said they do warranty work for Whirlpool and would come out.
So I re explained myself, and they reassured me I had to get my own technician.
So after a couple more calls, me yelling at the puppet on the other end I am informed that I can load my dishwasher up, drive it to town, get it fixed by the company that gladly fixes them, go pick it up, reinstall and hope it doesn't break again all to forward a bill they will "go over" and "approve" but only reimburse up to 500 dollars for repairs and take 4-6 weeks to see my money once approved and they will not compensate me for travel, time and the 2 hours I spent dealing with the stupidity- then I was told by a couple other people who had similar issues was that the bottom line is Whirlpool does not want to pay travel for any warranty work to be done and that's why they were wanting to approve the work order after I did the leg work. All because there garbage product couldn't last more than 14 months from manufacturer and 11 months from the day I purchased it. Needless to say, I will do something extravagant to my pretty much new dishwasher- possibly blow it up on You tube so the whole world can get the head line of DONT BUY WHIRPOOL, thanks for your shitty warranty- I hope Trump makes Whirlpool products great cause I'm Buying a Samsung
Whirlpool you disgust me-