Monday, March 3, 2014

Fraud Awareness Day! IRONY!

And, the easiest way not to fall victim to fraud is to not pay the Yellow Pages Group for your marketing!

I expect that this is fair comment, since I didn't subscribe to get this spam in my email--it came in to a catch all mailbox with a made up first part at one of my domains.  Yellow pages used to rule the marketing world--but then Google happened and that ended. Now Yellow pages averages 3 visits per month for business sites they create and charge the clients roughly $360 a month for the privilege of calling yourself their client. Of course, these are for a set term and you need to sign in blood, (Rumour has it).

It is nearly as ironic as their sister company Bell and their "Lets Talk", marketing campaign masked as a PSA for Mental Health. Bell's policies drive me nuts...most of the time.