Monday, March 3, 2014

Fraud Awareness Day! IRONY!

And, the easiest way not to fall victim to fraud is to not pay the Yellow Pages Group for your marketing!

I expect that this is fair comment, since I didn't subscribe to get this spam in my email--it came in to a catch all mailbox with a made up first part at one of my domains.  Yellow pages used to rule the marketing world--but then Google happened and that ended. Now Yellow pages averages 3 visits per month for business sites they create and charge the clients roughly $360 a month for the privilege of calling yourself their client. Of course, these are for a set term and you need to sign in blood, (Rumour has it).

It is nearly as ironic as their sister company Bell and their "Lets Talk", marketing campaign masked as a PSA for Mental Health. Bell's policies drive me nuts...most of the time.


Michael Hall said...

Whirlpool used to be top manufacturer and was much loved throughout the UK. A pal of mine was a Philips engineer and of course I cannot pick his brains while he's on holiday -probably in Oz as his son lives there. I look after his heating needs & he over donkeys years has looked after the family re washing machine probs. He will no doubt tell me it's not the company it was 15 years ago because if it was the same quality comnpany it would have good ratings on WHICH the consumer help folks. Samsung seem to be the qualuity company lately as they put there faith in a 5 year guarantee and are apparently the top company in North Korea. A scientist mentioned to me a few months ago that they lead the world in computer technology or rather they are at the forefront in technology I hope he's not wrong because I would not dream of buying anything Whirlpool due to not being able to source what should be accessible data for a pressure switch on our old Whirlpool washer. Those were the days when it was Philips / Whirlpool. Will they go downhill and does the MD know what is happening due to crap after sales ?

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