Saturday, January 29, 2011

GreenWashing of Whirlpool

Whirlpool corporation has begun the process of greenwashing it's reputation.

The green choice is simply the most efficient choice--not the cheapest. When it comes to the most efficient, responsible and kindest appliances for preservation of the planet--appliances that last a year or two is the least green alternative.

DO NOT BUY WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES... read through this blog for evidence regarding the poor design and build quality of Whirlpool Appliances and their abstinent attitude towards their customers.

The green choice is simply the most efficient choice--not the cheapest.When you design something that needs to be replaced in a year or two I would call it irresponsible and fraudulant--not green.

Buy LG... Samsung... anything not designed and built by Whirlpool.

Do not buy their deceptive marketing. Look closely at the hardware... and compare it to LG and Samsung... and look at the warranty. 


DonL said...

Don't buy Jenn-Air gas ranges. Have a Jenn air paper weight.3 main boards and 2 touch pads ...Have to replace board and touch pad again..700.00-800.00 to fix plus the service calls... payed all the other service calls too.Got absolutely nowhere with whirlpool..Don't buy Whirlpool products.....Have a FB page
I Have A Defective Whirlpool Appliance. Check it out.A lot of interesting comments

Unknown said...

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