Sunday, May 23, 2010

Whirlpool Appliance Blog is garnering comments...

"Dave Lawless has left a new comment on your post "Friends don't let friends buy Whirlpool Appliances...":

"Not purchasing an extended warranty was the gamble you took...if these manufactures could produce 100% perfect product off the assembly line there wouldn't be any such thing as an appliance service technician."

Yes Dave, It is my fault because I didn't pay more money to Whirlpool for extended warranty service-- Nice to see that people working for the company see buying their products as a gamble too!" BTW, More than a year in and the LG washer and dryer haven't needed a service call... and the knobs didn't fall off either. By this point we had 5 service calls for the Whirlpool and Dave, I don't ever gamble when I buy appliances. Nowadays I check the web for the appliance I am shopping and complaints... that has a direct effect on what I buy.

Ya it sucks…but in my experience as an appliance salesman, Whirlpool is above and beyond the competition when it comes to quality.

Not in my experience--however you live in the whirlpool corporate bubble, so you get a different experience. You get the money I wasted buying a whirlpool washer and dryer... both the washer and dryer circuit boards shorted as the first year ended, and within 2 years the bearings were gone, fins had fallen off the dryer and the washer had cronic issues with things blocking up the filter throwing errors. I wished I could have had my $300 Roper top loader back.

Yes, at my store we see customers like you every once and awhile but we see far more disgruntled customers who have bought GE and LG products.

Mr Lawless, you don't really work in a store do you? As a carpenter, the last thing I want to do in the evenings is woodwork--I just can't imagine an appliance salesman that trolls the internet trying to minimize damage caused by blogs. You work for Whirlpool Head office and this is your job.

Just think, for every one of you…Whirlpool gains 3 new customers who are upset with GE/LG and the like.

That's not what the internet and the open market says. I paid about $2,000.00 for the washer and dryer, (might have been a little more). I can get the same model for about $1000 today. Yet, the LG I bought cost 2k. All the insurance in the world won't save the main bearing from falling out of a cheap Whirlpool washer in a year... and it sure won't seal and isolate the circuit board the way LG has... Face facts... you work for a company that builds sub standard junk washers and dryers... and that company is Whirlpool.

Hopefully life doesn’t send you any more lemons….but remember you can always make lemonade!"

Yes Sir... this is precisely what I am doing... making lemonade! Thanks for writing Dave Lawless from Whirlpool!

It is the early days of this blog and yes, I am picking on one product at a time, just for effect. There are so many complaints and so many people selling this junk on line that it is very difficult to rank for the terms we need to get the word out on the street... "Friends don't let friends buy Whirlpool Appliances". And of course there is the corporate disinformation and professional blog posters like Dave don't help the clutter.

We will use our websites and blogs to pump this blog up over time. The message gets to a couple of hundred people a month already... give this some time and it will be hundreds finding out that it is a gamble to buy Whirlpool Appliances.