Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Welcome to the Evil Corporation Blog

Have you been maligned by a large corporation?

Everyone gets shafted by a big corporate tyrant sooner or later. When you call to complain about how you have been maligned you always hear the same thing. "It's just our Policy "

These days these bully corporate dictators have take to pillaging what they can and putting up a firewall so that they don't have to invest in customer service. With a few hours work you may find that they actually have a call center where people actually have the authority to do something about it. Sometimes there is a regulator that oversees the misbehaving entity on behalf of the government.

The purpose of this blog is two fold. Get your pound of flesh by posting a comment to purge your injured sense of self worth. Share or get information from others that may have dealt with this behemoth scourge of a corporation.

When it comes to phone companies... they all emulate each other's bad behavior to maximize profits. Everyone needs a phone so people bounce from corporate marauder to be victimized by one, then another tyrant.

Some appliance makers build in flaws and hope to sell people a new appliance every 3 years.

Sometimes it's just a group of scoundrels stealing from businesses.

Comments will be open but please, keep it civilized and stick to facts. Please don't post anything that can not be backed up by facts. This blog is within the realm of public commentary, however posts that are not in good taste or using foul language may be removed by the editor-- ME.

If you have suggestions or stories to add please send them to win@csolve.net

This blog is hosted for free on Google servers, so lets refrain from giving any comments about Google. You can rant about Yahoo or Infoseek though!

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Shroomduke said...

First can we talk about the difference b etween a Good Corporation and a Bad corporation:

a Good corporation is Incorporated within the United Stages and is a Good patriotic citizen, it has goals and values that are consistant with American Ideals, it is a good Tax payer, Honest broker, promotes and pratices Democracy, Justice, Equality, Liberty, and Serves Humanity. A good corporation reconizes the Earth as primarily a Life Support System for Humanity and seeks to preserve it and all living things.

a BAD Corporation is one that puts profits above all else, pollutes the environment and destroys any kind of life unneccessarly, undermines democracy, liberty, justice and equality.

Agree, Disagree or additions?